Duernas OLEUM Organic Picual

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Duernas OLEUM Organic Picual

Duernas OLEUM Organic Picual (250 ml)

Wherever Team Sunweb is sitting down to eat, a pink bottle of extra virgin olive oil is awaiting them on the table: Finca Duernas´ Oleum Picual. It´s full of anti-oxidants, healthy fats, vitamins and regenerative components. It is the olive oil that helps the cyclists to recover after their efforts.

Finca Duernas´ Oleum Picual is very aromatic, yellow-greenish in color and its taste slightly bitter, spicy, and very round in the mouth. It leaves an aftertaste of fresh almond. The extra virgin olive oil is adding taste to their pasta, salad and meat. That way it is even easier for them to eat the required amounts.


Aromas of green grass and apples. Light with slightly bitter and peppery aftertaste due to its high level of antioxidants.


Good for stews and soups, carpaccio, grilled poultry, meat and deep frying. Also recommended for Sushi.


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SKU: 8437012216709
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Product Description

Finca Duernas – 200 years in the making

Finca Duernas, olive grove & mill, the Serrano-López family estate, is located in Córdoba, Spain. As a defender of sustainable agriculture, Finca Duernas promotes traditional and indigenous forms of production.

This farm has implemented an organic agricultural system that strives for sustainability, the enhancement of soil fertility and biological diversity, whilst prohibiting the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organism. This self regulation enables the development of the rural environment and allows us to offer clean, safe and healthy extra virgin olive oils that are full of aromas and nutritional benefits.