Privacy statement

We appreciate the trust you place in us and that is the reason why we handle the personal data you provide to us with the greatest possible care. respects your right to privacy. We use this policy to inform you of how we handle your personal data.

Who are we?
Team Sunweb is a trade name of Rotterdam Leisure Holding B.V., a private company with limited liability with its registered office at Bahialaan 2, 3065 WC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 24380250. Rotterdam Leisure Holding B.V. manages the licences and trademarks on behalf of Sunweb Group GmbH, with its registered office in Switzerland at Schützengasse 4 CH-8001 in Zurich, Switzerland. Sunweb Group GmbH also operates in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Norway.

Sunweb Group GmbH. owns several brands. These are:
• Sunweb, see for all the countries mentioned above
• Eliza was here,, and
• Snowblend, and
• Skikot, and
• Primavera,
• Gogo,
• Beachmasters,
• Husk,
• Bizztravel,
• JAM!,
• AbiJAM!,
• Partyreisen,
• Sunweb Group ,
• Team Sunweb, and
• Sunweb Cycling,

This means that you may not know Sunweb Group GmbH., but that you do know our brands and websites. This privacy statement applies to all processing of personal data that we, Sunweb Group GmbH., as controller, obtain from or about you at one of the moments or in one of the ways described below via one of our websites or via one of our brands.

Who are you?
You are the person who visits our website, who registers for a newsletter or who places orders via our webshop. It may also be the case that you requested an interview or have acces to the media center.

What personal data do we process for which purposes?
Personal data are all data that say something about you or that we can relate to you. We record personal data within the context of our services, the sale of our products or when you contact in any other way. Personal data that are needed for our services such as your name, address, email address and telephone number.

We have listed below several personal data we process divided by the various purposes for which we collect these data:

• In order to be able to maintain your account if ordered Sunweb cycling products
If you want to order Sunweb cycling related products you need to create an account, otherwise we cannot deliver the products you want to buy.

• In order to analyse the use of our website
Data concerning your use and behaviour are collected when using our website. We use analytical cookies in order to adjust our website in line with the wishes and interests of the visitor and so that we can offer an optimum visitor experience. Consult our cookie policy for more information.
We also store the log files of the website such as error reports. For example, if the reservation system does not function while booking, we remember the data that were entered during the booking process so that you do not have to enter everything again.

• For the purpose of handling complaints and requests for information or to make the exercise of your rights possible and to learn from this
We store your contact details if you contact us via a contact form, during a chat or telephone conversation and/or if you wish to influence the use we make of your personal data. We do so in part in order to provide you with an answer or to help you, but also to learn from our complaints handling.

• Interview request
Interview requests for riders, coaches, management will be processed by our Communications Department. Interview requests can be submitted using the form on the site. Personal data is needed to keep in contact for a possible interview

• Media centre
Our media centre contains logos, press releases and high-resolution images of the riders, staff and bikes, as well as action photos and video footage, all available exclusively for media representatives. To access the media centre and be added to our Press Distribution List you will need to provide personal data to receive login credentials.

• In case of registration for a newsletter
You are asked to provide contact details during the registration for a newsletter so that the newsletter can be sent to you by email.

• Quality assurance
The full IP address (Ipv4 and IPv6) is used for logging purposes and to assess problems you have reported. We store the IP address for at most seven days.

• In order to provide our campaigns with photo and image material
We place image and sound material on our website in order to create an atmospheric impression for our future guests.

• In order to better align our campaigns with your preferences
We send newsletters if you have subscribed for these. You can unsubscribe for our newsletters or other commercial communications at any time. This possibility is offered to you in the email itself.

You may see our commercial communications when you visit other websites, such as in the banners that are present on other websites. These banners may be personalised because you have accepted advertisement cookies.

Our other brands: we explained to you at the start of this privacy statement that we have several websites and brands within If relevant, we therefore share your personal data, surf and click behaviour with the brands of our other websites so that these can also send you interesting offers. The reason is that not every brand has the same offer or provides the same possibilities. We therefore hope to let you benefit from all possibilities that could be interesting to you.

Who receive your personal data?

We share your personal data with third parties. These are the following parties:
• Employees at the offices of in the relevant countries (as mentioned at the start of this privacy statement), but also locally insofar as they require the data for the services provided to you.
• Parties that will deliver to you (part of) the services, such as distribution companies.
• We may share your personal data with advertising networks or enable the latter to collect personal data concerning you. They obtain these data because consent was obtained concerning the use of cookies. Our and the list of cookies on our website includes the names of these third parties as well as a reference to the policy that applies to the processing of your data by means of these technologies.
• External parties such as marketing/development agencies, online software parties and Payment providers that support our daily activities, including marketing and data analysis.

A significant part of the third parties with which we share your personal data obtain these data on the basis of the use of cookies. We therefore refer you to our cookie policy and the list of cookies on our website for the names of these third parties as well as a reference to the policy that applies to the use of your data.

On the basis of which principles do we process your personal data?
We apply several principles when using your personal data. The principles we apply are:
1. The processing is necessary in order to comply with a statutory obligation we must satisfy;
2. The processing is necessary in order to look after our legitimate interests. As a travel provider, our legitimate interests also comprise for example being able to conduct marketing activities.

Retention period
Your personal data are retained for as long as necessary for the processing purposes and are then deleted permanently within the term that applies for this purpose, while taking account of the statutory obligations.

Your privacy rights is transparent and strives to provide sound services to its customers, website visitors and/or if you are a user of one of our other (online) services. We process personal data as explained in this privacy statement in order to make sound services possible. We hope that you see the benefit and also gain the benefit in which connection everyone can have personal preferences. If this is not your experience and you have a different opinion, you can consult with us in order to possibly adjust matters.

You can exercise the following privacy rights in respect of the processing of your personal data described in this privacy statement:
• You can object to the processing of your personal data.
o You can adjust your cookie settings via the website cookie settings module [insert link cookie module]. You should also not forget to remove all of your cookies from all devices in all internet browsers you have used to visit our website(s). Read our cookie policy for how you can do this for each internet browser.
o If you would like to object to the processing of your personal data as a whole, please contact our customer service department.
• You have the right to have incorrect personal data corrected or to supplement personal data.
• In some circumstances you have the right to have removed the personal data we have in respect of you from all of our systems and online services if this is possible and while taking account of the statutory obligations. In order to remove all of your cookies, you will have to delete the cookies from all devices in all internet browsers you have used to visit our website(s). Read our cookie policy how you can do this for each internet browser.
• You have the right to limit the processing of your personal data if data are incorrect, you have lodged an objection or you indicate that we are not allowed to further process certain data, for example.
• You have the right to request your personal data and to transfer them to another controller such as other parties that offer holiday travel if you so desire.
• You have the right to inspect your personal data. For example, you can see in the My Account environment (if available) what personal data we have received from you and that we have registered with respect to a certain reservation. This is also where you can see the other relevant data belonging to a reservation.
• You are entitled to human assessment of automated decisions. A decision may be made on the basis of data that was processed automatically (without human intervention), which may have consequences for you as customer/consumer. An example would be the verification we conduct of the acceptance of credit card payments in order to prevent fraud and to protect your privacy.

If you have questions about the above rights or you would actually like to exercise these rights, please contact our customer service department. Our customer service department can be reached by telephone at telephone number 02031708206.
If you would like to exercise your rights, please enclose with your request a copy of your passport in which you have screened your photo and citizen service number.
If you are not satisfied with the way in which we process your personal data, you can submit a complaint to us via the customer service department or to the Sunweb data protection officer
If we are unable to reach agreement following consultation, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority which can be reached at telephone number +31900 2001201.

We have the right to adjust this privacy statement and recommend that you consult this page from time to time to stay informed of the manner in which we process your personal data. This privacy statement was updated most recently on [date: May 18, 2018].

We implement suitable technical and organisational measures to secure your personal data. This means among other things that we conclude agreements with service providers that process personal data on our behalf in which agreements we oblige them to implement these measures as well.

Notification data leaks
A data leak exists if personal data belonging to our clients, business relationships or employees have been exposed to loss or unlawful processing.
This is the case for example if personal data wind up in the hands of third parties that should not have access to those data.
Have you discovered a (possible) data leak? Notify us thereof as quickly as possible by email via

Your questions and comments regarding this privacy statement are welcome and can be submitted to
If you have a different question and you would like to contact our customer service department directly be telephone 02031708206 and/or by email, please visit our customerservice page where you can find our contact details

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