Fall Inspiration 2016

Month: July 2016

Sick of the floral and kaleidoscope prints from spring? Well, say hello to classic prints like houndstooth for fall.

Therapist Marisa Peer, author of self-help guide Ultimate Confidence, says that women have always measured themselves

Some of the most exciting and excruciating things in life happen on the streets. As cameras have gotten smaller and cheaper in the past few decades, we’ve seen an explosion in photos taken quickly and unstaged, that now inhabit every minute of our waking life. But there has always been, and still remains, the photographers […]

Welcome to this blog! Let me introduce myself! My name is Tero and I’m a modern man – a man for the millennium. One of the writers in this blog. A cool cat! Digital and smoke free. A diversified-multicultural-postmodern-deconstructionist. Politically, anatomically, and ecologically incorrect. A cutting edge state-of-the-art bicoastal multitasker and I can give you […]

A GRINDING sound, somewhere between a rattle and a rumble, erupted over the suburban New Jersey hill. The figures, clad in motorcycle leathers and helmets, started to appear, one, two, three, until there were almost 20, crouched on skateboards, like a squadron of roller-villains. One by one, the skaters rounded a turn, dropping a gloved […]

The concept of elegance has changed and fashion rules are constantly updating with style innovation. Men’s guardrobe must haves like suits or double breasted blazers that were once used for occasional vernissages or for work are nowadays worn for any occasion. Elegance has lost it’s formal feature becoming more casual and urban and it has […]